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Funeral benefit

We will ease your burden of worries, we will help you to solve issues related with funerals and we will arrange funeral documents. We also help to receive funeral benefit. The right to receive this benefit emerges from a day of a person’s death, when the day of death is registered within civil metrication office or within eldership, or within consular office of the Republic of Lithuania. A person who buries has to apply for its reception to municipality not later than within three months from the day of emergence of this right.

The funeral benefit is paid to a member of the deceased’s family or to any other person who buries the deceased. It is a lump-sum benefit, the amount of which is 1040 litas at the moment, intended for covering funeral costs. This benefit is not granted if the deceased is buried out of the budget of the state or municipality. When a person, who was a receiver of state social insurance pension, dies, in additional to the mentioned benefit a lump-sum benefit which is equal to two months pension amount shall be paid to relatives of the deceased. If pension for the current month is paid for the deceased being still alive, benefit equal to one month pension amount is payable to the relatives. We will take care of all necessary formalities to receive this benefit.