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State’s support for transportation of the deceased

When a person dies abroad, relatives of the deceased face many worries. Not only transportation of the remains to Lithuania but also search for financial resources become a dilemma. Unfortunately, in case of such misfortune neither Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor diplomatic mission or consular office are able to provide financial support, thus, for those deceased’s relatives who do not have enough money, an issue of transportation of the remains may worsen situation.

If confrontation with this problem is unavoidable apply to us and we will try to find a way out from such situation together: we will issue an invoice which is necessary in order to apply to municipality for support and we will provide all necessary information.

If a family of a person who died abroad does not have money for transportation of the remains, they can apply to a municipality of their place of residence which can provide financial support out of its budget according to the submitted documents that prove expenses of transportation of the remains. However, when applying for the state’s financial support, two conditions apply:

  • First, support can be granted only if a person who died abroad is not insured or, in case a person is insured, it is not regarded as an insurable accident according to the insurance agreement.
  • Second, there is a greater possibility to receive the state’s financial support, if a family or relatives of the deceased have low income (when income of the deceased’s family or of his or her close relative family does not exceed 3 (three) amounts of income supported by the state, which currently amounts to 285 litas per month, per person).

When applying for the state’s financial support relatives of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania who died abroad must submit the following documents:

  • application (to be written in a division);
  • personal identity document;
  • death certificate;
  • documents that prove expenses related with transportation of remains of dead citizens to Lithuania, i.e., an invoice (it is issued by a funeral services company which transports the remains);
  • certificates of income received within the last 3 months by an applicant and his or her family members.

It is established by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania that the amount allocated for covering the costs of transportation of remains of dead citizens to the Republic of Lithuania cannot exceed 54 amounts of minimum standard of living (at the moment minimum standard of living amounts to 130 litas), i.e., the total financial support provided by the municipality cannot exceed 7020 litas.